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Native Sons : Fighting Irish (and Scottish) 7 mm collection  

Named for the inquisitive Harry who never runs from trouble but never starts it either. This is a large square shape with a high nose. The browline is slightly rolling from the outside connection to a dip in the center nose bridge.

The bridge is a tall 12mm as are the connections giving the front a very stable look. A very carved look is what you first notice about this frame. In a word; BOLD.


This 2024 collection is developed with the idea of sculpted yet fit frames that are not heavy, made of 7mm acetate.

Handmade in Sabae at #madeinthelight our factory using exclusively Japanese Takiron cotton based acetate, 16K gold plated core wires and custom hardware.


Product Description

  • The Fighting Irish series was developed with the idea of creating sculpted yet fit frames that are not heavy.
  • Deeply carved Takiron Japanese acetate - hardest, richest color acetate in the world.
  • Pure cotton oil based acetate, no harm to the environment.
  • Front is riveted construction using HEX rivets in Gold or Silver
  • Diamond tooled gold plated 8mm core wire - able to adjust temples to fit your features
  • Motor Head beauty mark screwed through temple and core wire
  • Custom Scooped Arrow five barrel hinge controlled with star nut to adjust and hold tension, welded to core wire
  • Nosepads constructed of same acetate material as the front to blend and maintain clean look
  • *Sunglasses* Custom UV protection sun lenses by Shima Optics Japan for Native Sons
  • All custom colors/patterns developed by The Light Co


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100% handmade in Japan utilizing the highest quality materials.  Acetate is cotton oil based, easy to clean, adjustable by any optician.   All metal frames are high grade titanium with 16K Gold or Silver plating.

ALL frames can hold Rx lenses including high test.

If you don't see a frame or a color online, please email or text us.

+1 213-437-3169‬


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