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Native Sons is inspired by the postwar trailblazers who remade the world in the wake of chaos and conflict. We celebrate the thinkers, makers and doers who were driven by renewal and optimism informed by an expanded worldview. Yesterday and today.
Our handcrafted eyewear is an homage to that movement, designed for those who set their sights on a future filtered through the ethos and ambition of the past. Each of our frames begins as an original, hand-drawn sketch that moves from concept to finished product at the hands of skilled artisans and master technicians at our headquarters in Japan.
Founder Tommy O’Gara, an eyewear industry veteran, approaches each design with equal emphasis on form and function. Our frames are elegant, comfortable and lightweight, made from Takiron CBA plant-based cellulose acetate and high-grade, hand-polished titanium with structural elements that increase durability and ensure a secure fit.

All frames are made in the LIGHT Co. Ltd. under the watchful eye of Tommy O. Each frame is carefully quality controlled, shaped and packaged by theLIGHT’s Logistics.

Native Sons is 100% original, hand – drawn styles created in a black box situation.