About Us




The Industrial Design Revolution was born on the back of a World War.

Young Men came home and found a new Lust for Life together with a desire to create and express. Music, literature, art and architecture all flourished under their influence.

This New Rebel Spirit fueled the desire for experimentation and “Living Now.”

Crossing over the many genres of creative expression. Gradually design became “LifeStyle” leading to individual and group expression of who we are by the way we dress and decorate our living spaces, the cars we drive, bikes we ride and the music we choose as the soundtracks for moving through our world.

Market research and marketing quickly changed the way that many people lived their lives. Society began to morph into various taste groups and as mass marketing grew the divides between various groups became instantly recognizable.

There are many tribes of like-minded peoples roaming the earth dedicated to living true to their style and loyal to the brands and products that they choose to express who they are. Native Sons is a new eyewear and accessory brand that takes its name from the men who returned to create the wave we are still riding all these years to today. We thank those restless men who chopped military bikes, raced in the streets, put pen to paper and brush to canvas. At the same time, their brothers designed the new minimalist homes to hang the art and The Industrial Machine grew - creating larger, faster more fantastic machines and avant-garde architecture as well as the smaller utilitarian products that we use in our everyday lives.

With the appreciation of works gone by, Tommy O sat down and once again put pen to paper to create original well-balanced eyewear designs of the highest quality. Created with simple hand-crafted details, using only the best materials available, these products will last a lifetime.

All acetates are original cellulose (plant) based with original long-diamond-tooled core wires and original arrow-shaped hinge design and constructed using an old school star-nut configuration to adjust and hold hinge tension, making it harder to loosen. What was once considered a utilitarian detail is now once again “GOOD DESIGN”. The beauty marks accenting the front connections and side temples appear striated and are finished in antique plating then hand-polished to leave a hairline finish.